About Us

Like it or not, social networking has become a prerequisite for business success. At least this is the way that most businesses see it, since they need to create, grow and feed a number of social networks on a daily basis.  As a result, most either concentrate on only one or two social networks, or they become spread thin as they attempt to feed multiple networks. Consequently their efforts to grow their following and engage their audience isn’t noteworthy. This was the driving force behind Working the Web to Win’s creation of its award-winning Social Slam Dunk. The plus is that we’ve now further refined this technology and have created several add-on modules that take Social Slam Dunk to a whole new level.

For one, we decided to tie Social Slam Dunk directly to our client’s blogging efforts. A blog is an authoritative post that is the perfect content for any social network. Blogs are social networks in and of themselves, so on top of providing content to other social networks, they become the hub, the focal point of the social networks. We have even created a new proprietary technology that grows blogs’ page views at an incredible rate. With Social Slam Dunk Plus, we’ve seen our own blog’s views triple in as little as 60 days with this technology. More importantly for our clients, everyone who is now on the upgraded program has also seen their own blog’s page views grow exponentially. Case in point, one of our client’s page views jumped from 760 to 2,100, in just 60 days. On top of this, we’ve added specific Facebook add-in modules that provide customers with a very effective way to engage in scratch-off games, couponing, and customer loyalty programs … all at an attractive price point.

Social Slam Dunk Plus is a proprietary methodology that provides organic social network growth and blog page views at a specific rate, for a specific industry, in a specific region, over a specific period of time. It also automates and systematizes the process of feeding as many as five social networks simultaneously, while building a robust blog following at the same time. We named the service, Social Slam Dunk Plus, because it’s even better that our previous program, which was a winner in last year’s Biz Tech awards for Best Use of Social Media. If last year’s Social Slam Dunk took home the bacon, then our newly upgraded Social Slam Dunk Plus service provides the entire breakfast buffet!

The whole program is based on social equity and the laws of reciprocity. We apply word-of-mouth marketing to social networking and blogging in order to produce tangible results. What makes us unique in the world of mass media marketing, is that we can provide guaranteed measurable growth for social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Blogger. The guarantees are based on generating a minimum number of organic followers, likes, connections, page views etc., while concurrently building a blog following week after week. If for some reason, we don’t reach our monthly target, the customer doesn’t pay for the service until we make up the difference.

Another important difference is we stress to our clients that social networking is more about farming than it is about hunting. It's about reaping what you sow ― by growing you’re following, cultivating relationships, and building trust. This goes both for followers and social partners that share your posts. The process engages customers, prospects, and social partners while raising a business' credibility. This makes it easier to convert prospects into customers, and for businesses to grow their following.

Fact: In the four years we’ve been providing this service, we’ve always met or exceeded our contractual obligations. In fact, we usually exceed our clients’ growth goals by more than 33%. For our and our clients’ blogs, we have exceed the growth goals by 300% and in a few instances, we did so by 425%.  

Another great aspect to Social Slam Dunk Plus is it’s affordable. An entry level managed account costs $300 a month. This includes copy editing, publishing, social posting and a managed twitter account. A bundle of three accounts can be managed for $600 a month. If you add ghost writing to the blog publishing, the monthly fee still comes in at under $1,100 with four ghost written and published articles along with the social management and curation.

Our in-house use of social media has allowed us to get our message out to thousands of people quickly. In the four years since we’ve been using it, we’ve amassed a network of over 65,000 social network followers. This significant network also allows us to help clients that are new to social networking. Normally, a business that is new to social networking can only reach the followers they are directly connected to. With our system, they get plugged into our following as well, so they immediately have a reach of 65,000-plus followers. Our new blogging technology has also had a tremendous impact on our own social growth. We’ve used our new Social Slam Dunk technology to take our blog from a monthly average of 3,600 page views, to over 12,200 pages views on average each month, in as little as 60 days.

All of our clients use social media. It’s one of the four pillars of our integrated Flex plans and Club W Cubed programs. The four pillars include Blogging, Video, Social Media and Organic Back Links.  Google wants to see organic social network interactions, so we make sure our clients participate in what Google wants. Today, 100% of all of our client agreements include some social networking as part of their plan. The blogging component is used by 95% as well, and in some instances, the client writes their own blogs and we copy edit and enhance them with Social Slam Dunk Plus.  This means it impacts every transaction we do, and this, in turn, makes our clients happy. It also makes up about a half of our total income at present.

We currently have several Page One positions for ourselves and our clients. We wouldn’t have been able to archive this without our proprietary, integrative approach. Social media is a vital component to our integral approach of content marketing. We often compare blogging, videos and back links to the melody and harmony of the content we produce. Similarly, social media is the drum beat, the pulse that consistently pulls it all together. Without social media, getting on Page One of Google search would be much harder and would take far longer. By adding blogging as the focal point, we now create another place to grow more followers and get more page views, two key things every business is looking for today.

Our system of social networking provides four important functions for the clients. First, it provides a continuous stream of relevant and timely content, both to their blog and their social nets. Second, it enables them to reach to large numbers of people. Third, it provides relevant back links, which, in turn, help raise search ranking position. Fourth, it creates a large number of page views for very little money.

The last item worth mentioning about Social Slam Dunk Plus is that our own and all of our clients’ social posts and blog page views can be tracked and measured in a number of ways. The top social networks, including Blogger, have built-in analytics to measure growth, engagement and viral interactions. On top of that, we use Google Analytics to tie them together. Our system also takes advantage of tracking clicks with URL-shorteners.  We can always tell if a business’ social network efforts are actually working for our clients.

The bottom line for Social Slam Dunk Plus is that it’s more comprehensive and further-reaching than its earlier version. Social Slam Dunk It was a good value for the money before. Now Social Slam Dunk Plus is awesome! Clients receive guaranteed organic growth, which takes the risk out of the advertising equation. We can grow a client’s blog following faster than ever now, and the combined synergy is extremely powerful. Our system and dedicated efforts also feed clients’ social nets with a constant stream of valuable content, which frees our clients up to manage their growing business.  Social Slam Dunk Plus is affordable, provides a valuable service, and takes the hassle out of social networking. Our system puts the clients' social media feeds and blog creation on accelerated autopilot. It provides measurable results that are guaranteed.  Clients reap a tangible benefit from Working the Web to Win’s Social Slam Dunk Plus program. For more information on Social Slam Dunk Plus call 904-410-2091 or 904-712-9355.